3 month 1 :: 1 Embodiment 
actualized truth:: radical Self Love + Cyclical wisdom
now taking clients

Connect to your body, the moon, the earth, and your spirit in this three month dive into a gift of deep compassion for ones-Self, embodiment of creative power, and a flow of radical self love.

wheel readings

Spend one hour locating yourself in the cycle of your life via matriarchal tarot, astrology, or a combination of both, and learn practices to help integrate this wisdom.

Cyclical Wisdom 10 week Immersion
Next Session TBD

A 10 week group journey in remembering our body and the earth based rhythms.

Sacred truth embodiment group
next session begins fall 2020

A 4 week group journey into the depths our beings, to reveal your sacred truth, what is holding you back from embodying that, and how to shift into your creative power.

Cyclical Synching Sessions
50 min coaching//healing sessions

Be guided to explore your body's cycles, map out embodiment practices, rituals, and self-healing techniques to serve your embodiment, healing, and creative expansion. 

We are now sharing our work through a monthly membership portal.

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