wheel readings :: insight for actualization

matriarchal tarot

the circular deck  used for these readings has an emphasis on ancient matriarchal symbolism to allow us to connect to these archetypes within our DNA. full of beautiful imagery, an explanation of the cards will be provided by your guide in regards to questions you ask or transformation you seek.

these cards provide objective perspectives, stories, and symbols that may help you move through your mind with something tangible.


your natal chart provides a map of the sky from the moment of your birth. we will use this information to connect to the why, how, and what of behaviors you carry, events in your life, and practices you'd like to embody. this map is completely unique to you and provides a structure to allow us to flow how we are designed to, as opposed to how we "ought to.". 

this is recommended for folx who might be wanting to make long term changes in the flow of their lives, or who might want insights on specific themes that are currently following them through various areas of life.

veisca pisces

using a combination of your natal chart and the tarot, we can integrate and customize the messages of the cards to fit the wheel of your astrological signature more precisely and gently.


this option is recommended for people who want a holistic perspective on a topic in their lives.

together, we will create our sacred circle and welcome in new teachings. 
each reading is one hour long and includes a follow up email with practices for integration and a recap of what we discussed. 
price:: sliding scale $30 - $75*
a 45 min follow up is offered at half of what you choose to pay for your first reading if you book within one week of our call. this is a space to check back in and see how the wisdom is integrating. 
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