1::1 self mastery + integration

re-align your life by attuning to the cyclical nature of your existence


carve out three lunar cycles to tap into your energetic signature and taste the sweet nectar of your abundance.


together, we will attune to your natural sense of radical self love, your powers, and call forth your gifts to the world.

who is this for?

.:. you envision feeling whole in your body.

.:. that vision includes listening to your body's messages and responding.

.:. you're ready to dive deep into your whole self and turn over all of the rocks.

.:. you are ready for your body to feel like home, to stop feeling like an imposter in your own life and experience.

.:. you desire to live from your place of strength and power

// the method //





i'm mo (they/she)! 

a queer european-american babe residing on unceaded chinook nation lands. i'm an artist, mover, writer, student of stars and water +++ 

here's a bit on how i got here -->

i had deep anxieties, physical aliments like gut un-wellness and psoriasis, which all told me something needed shifting.

i studied and intellectualized all of these ways i might be able to feel more whole, to feel a part of something, to remember truth, from the yoga i was teaching at the time, to ayurveda and western herbalism, to all that is beyond the beyond 


i started to feel those massive shifts in my experience when i attuned to the sacred cycles in our bodies and in the earth, to remember who and what i am and where i came from - the life/death/life Sacred Cycle. 

as your guide, i will show you the gates that lead to your actualized truth, gates that i found on my journey, that i was led to by the wisdom of the earth.

behind the doors, lay gifts of deeply rooted compassion for ones-self, a spaciousness, and radical self love.

it is your choice to open them.

all we have to do be open to remembering ourselves.

l o v e   n o t e s 

"Maureen's compassionate and gentle presence made me feel immediately safe, honoured, respected, and comforted in sharing from a space of deep vulnerability and authenticity. Beyond the words exchanged during our calls, it is her sincerity and warm heartedness that palpably speaks to my heart directly making me feel truly seen and heard for who I am. Maureen has a true gift of validating you within your human experience while mirroring to you your inner wellspring of power, sovereignty, strength, and wisdom as a humble guide rather than as an authority over your own Soul's truth and wisdom. Her natural and intuitive way of sharing resonates as a deeply cellular 'Yes' in my body. You can strongly feel that the wisdom that is transmitted goes beyond what has been read and is deeply embodied, which feels profoundly empowering because this is someone who has done and is doing the work herself. In learning from Maureen about our body's cycles and its synchronization with the rhythms of nature it has redirected me from seeking for wisdom outside of myself and encouraged me to reconnect with nature and my body's wisdom where our greatest gifts and intuition lay. I am truly reaching greater depths of clarity and integration within myself because of the sacred container Maureen has held space for me within. I am remembering who I truly am and returning home to my body. Thank you for helping guide me back home Maureen. " 

kristin // manitoba CAN


// logistics //

.:. 12, 60 min zoom calls.:.

.:. unlimited access to mo between calls through Voxer .:.

.:. customized weekly embodiment plan.:.

.:. hand crafted herbal medicine gift .:.

.:. access to private mo's online community.:.

.:. ready? let's go. apply here!! .:.

fill out this application and mo will get back to you within a week or less! we have 3 more spots open for 2020. rates will rise to $3333 in 2021 <3 

which describes you best?
how ready are you??


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