Cyclical Wisdom

10 week Immersion 

.There is a deep cry coming from the earth.


Earth is asking us to remember where we have come from ...

to remember the rhythms in our bodies.

Do you hear it? 

Will you respond?

Are you ready to remember the cyclical wisdom that we all carry and embody its power?


is a 10 week group journey into the depths of the Sacred life/death/life cycle where we will uncover some of our deep powers, find home in our bodies, and re-commit to our sacred ties to Earth.

we will uncover...

the deep connection between our bodies and the earth's body by sitting intimately with our menstrual cycles, learning its language, and translating that to our Earth's language.

We will start with an opening ceremony to call in our allies and meet each other.

Each week, we will explore a new phase of the hormonal cycle and get a chance to connect with each other over our experiences in the safety of a sacred container. Together, we will remember the wisdom that the earth is calling out that we remember.

I'm your guide, Maureen.

Greetings, Beloved.

i am honored and humbled to hold space for folx to return back to their bodies.

my personal journey of re-membering my home-body has been profound, starting at a place of anxiety and dis-ease and bringing me into my embodied power. 

i'm here to share this with you.

love note

"Maureen's compassionate and gentle presence made me feel immediately safe, honoured, respected, and comforted in sharing from a space of deep vulnerability and authenticity. Beyond the words exchanged during our calls, it is her sincerity and warm heartedness that palpably speaks to my heart directly making me feel truly seen and heard for who I am. Maureen has a true gift of validating you within your human experience while mirroring to you your inner wellspring of power, sovereignty, strength, and wisdom as a humble guide rather than as an authority over your own Soul's truth and wisdom. Her natural and intuitive way of sharing resonates as a deeply cellular 'Yes' in my body. You can strongly feel that the wisdom that is transmitted goes beyond what has been read and is deeply embodied, which feels profoundly empowering because this is someone who has done and is doing the work herself. In learning from Maureen about our body's cycles and its synchronization with the rhythms of nature it has redirected me from seeking for wisdom outside of myself and encouraged me to reconnect with nature and my body's wisdom where our greatest gifts and intuition lay. I am truly reaching greater depths of clarity and integration within myself because of the sacred container Maureen has held space for me within. I am remembering who I truly am and returning home to my body. Thank you for helping guide me back home Maureen. " - Kristin





What if I have to miss a call? Will I miss the content?

All of the calls will be recorded and sent out to the folx in the group for unlimited replay, so you can check in if you miss a call or two, or you just want to relive the magic.

can't make it at that time but I really want to join. Can I?

You are welcome to join and watch the replays if that calls to you, but being a part of the live container is a special experience. If this is the case for you, reach out to Maureen at

I feel very called to this but the price is too much right now. Do you have scholarships

We have 2 scholarship spots available with QTBIPOC priority if you are deeply called to this but unable to make the asked exchange. Check in with Maureen at to inquire. 

* If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund//sponsor a QTBIPOC babe, email


This container begins October 2020. Join our mailing list to be updated on when doors for registration open.


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