re-align your life by attuning to the cyclical nature of your existence


carve out three lunar cycles to tap into your energetic signature and taste the sweet nectar of your abundance.


together, we will attune to your natural sense of radical self love though several modalities of cyclical wisdom

Cultivating      R a d i c a l          S  e  l  f
                                allows us to become                  embodiments
of our passion and poise
by practicing the art of learning the language of rhythms and trusting our body's messages, we step in this space of radical self love and actualized

as your guide, eye will show you the gates that lead to your actualized truth.

it is your choice to open them.

behind the doors, lay gifts of deeply rooted compassion for ones-self, a spaciousness, and radical self love.

all we have to do is open ourselves to the cycles.

if you're called to step into this circle

and you're ready to tell your body that you hear its calls and trust the messages to be true,

if you are curious about tuning to the earth's natural rhythms as a way to worship your body, 

eye invite you to book a free discovery call below.


1)) enter your time zone, as eye connect with folx from all over

the globe and we want to make sure to get the correct time.

2)) select your ideal date and time.

3)) fill out the pre-call form. the link is sent in the confirmation email you receive from Aum Raain Embodiment. this form is required to enter into the call space...


during this call, we will go over the offering, how you can expect to expand and shift from entering into this space, and feel into if this work is resonating with you. if you're ready and called to this, know that eye want to work with  you too.  

blessed to connect with you.


" Maureen leads every conversation with a gentle voice, a calm mind & a genuine heart. Speaking with her for only an hour made me want to talk to her all day! Not only did she truly listen to what I was saying, but more over- she HEARD me for ME. It was absolutely centering to know someone understood my words on a deeper level. I wholeheartedly would recommend taking the time to speak with this gem."

- Dan A 

"Maureen has helped me understand my relationship to my self and the world around me. She uses her own knowledge and personal experiences to guide me in building trust within myself so that I can lead a more loving and balanced life."

- Morgan S

"Maureen’s energy made me realize things I had only scratched the surface of just in the discovery call! I felt safe to dive into touchy topics with myself and knew that I was in a space of non judgement. Maureen is gifted and kind and if you are lucky enough to have the chance to correspond with her, take it up."

- Sarah B. 

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