hear this in your body :: 


everything is in constant flux; there is an eb and flow of life’s macro and micro cosmic cycles. by allowing oneself to attune to the circular flow of the major cycles that influence our bodies, minds, and energy, we can align more efficiently to our own embodied truth, radical self love, and divine power. 


alignment is our birthright. 


self study, community, and deep listening, are all practices we use together in order to shed the rigidity of white capitalist patriarchy and fall into the naturally cycling flow of our lives.


Aum Raain Embodiment Circles provides a container, holding space for folx to take this very deep and needed dive into re-alignment work that will allow one to be aligned with their passions and purpose as an embodied being in this world. many folx are being called to enter into self-healing, and this work ripples out and guides this world back into alignment with the natural flow of things.


it is my wish that everyone has the space, container, and guide if they so need, to drop into their bodies and re-awaken to the true, honest, reciprocal ways of being in relationships with life, the natural world, and Self.


 :: m

thank you for being here, in your body.

I am  an explorer of the unseen and the felt experience. 


I am here to hold space and  am now re-weaving the threads of embodiment for folx with mxnstrual cycles. together, we are remembering what our sacred truths are and heading the call to share our gifts with the world.


some of the current identities I hold are an intuitive embodiment guide, a mystic, a student of plant spirits, a yogi, a follower of the elemental experience, a poet, a clear channel, a painter, a reiki practitioner, a wise-woman-to-be, a womb keeper, a songwriter, a prayer sender, and a wisdom keeper.


there are many things I do not know, and those are the things I explore and embrace.

blessed that you have wandered this way.


I vision for a re-matriated commons, full of beings in right-relationship to their bodies, the land, and each other. 

Who can speak non-verbally and listen to the movements of the seasons and stars. 

Who are friends with the birds and keep time by the rocks.

Who rest and dream.

Who create from the core of the creator.

I vision for a surplus of sharing, and a family of united and unique beings,

Who know their gifts and use them well.

Who grieve and love as deep as the molten core of the earth-body.

Who treat babies with reverence.

Who sit at the feet of the Elders in love.

I vision for this Earth. This is my seed and sprout.


To vision this Earth, I must embody this earth. And I affirm* — 

I am in right relationship with my body, the land and other beings. 

I speak non-verbally and listen to the moments of the seasons and stars. 

I am friends with the birds.
I keep time by the rocks.
I rest. 

I dream.

I create from the core of the creator. 

I know my gifts and I use them well. 

I grieve and love as deep as the molten core of the Earth body.

I treat babies with reverence.

And I sit at the feet of the Elders in Love.

I am embodied in this vision.

*This is not a statement of perfection, but a recognition of an emergent process.


For this vision to come into fruition, I must not be the only one. 

I am a servant to this vision - one that is not only mine, but the vision of many great leaders.

And so I am on a mission …

To remind other beings of their bodies, holding space for right relationship.

To offer spaces of soul-care.

To remind other beings how we can communicate, now to listen. 

To cultivate spaces of deep rest.

To inspire the re-disocovery and embodied use of unique gifts. 

To hold space for deep love and deep grief.


As a servant to this vision, I am on a mission to re-awaken the deep-self, the one that knows everything, and everything is family.

The one that expresses the truth of the moment, in every moment. 

The one who speaks all tongues. 

The one who heals.

The one who is dark as the fertile soil, and bright as the sun.

This is for collective liberation. 

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