hear this in your body :: 


everything is in constant flux; there is an eb and flow of life’s macro and micro cosmic cycles. by allowing oneself to attune to the circular flow of the major cycles that influence our bodies, minds, and energy, we can align more efficiently to our own embodied truth, radical self love, and divine power. 


alignment is our birthright. 


self study, community, and deep listening, are all practices we use together in order to shed the rigidity of white capitalist patriarchy and fall into the naturally cycling flow of our lives.


I am Mo ((they/she))) I am Aum Raain. I provide a containers folx to take the very deep and collectibly needed dive into re-alignment work that will allow one to be aligned with their passions and purpose as an embodied being in this world. I am a creatrix, a guide, a mysitc, and water. I am a queer artist, a conduit, a lover, a truth seeker, a earth-bodied babe, and an emergent process.

it is my wish that everyone has the space, container, and guidance to drop into their bodies and re-awaken to the true, honest, reciprocal ways of being in relationships with life, the natural world, and Self.


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