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"Maureen is a naturally gifted mirror that validates, normalizes and helps you make sense of what you are projecting and reflects it back in words and through their essence in a way that can be more deeply integrated and digested in your body/being. They are a natural facilitator. So humble and gifted in holding sacred space for others in a way where I felt safe, heard and respected which gives off the vibe that we are all in this together as human equals and mirrors for one another rather than feeling like there are power imbalances or hierarchies. It was an authentic space where we all learned from one another. Just beautiful. Their genuine nature is so touching and inspiring. Their devotion to the group went above and beyond in their offerings of support through voxer and one on one calls. It speaks volumes that their heart and soul was so authentically committed and engaged with this space. I honor their vulnerability of sharing personal examples with us as well which honestly was so humbling for me, where some of the most profound “aha’s” landed for me, and much different than what I’m used to seeing in facilitators who either consciously or unconsciously project images of perfection which often creates inadvertent power imbalances within spaces. It was through hearing theirs and other group members real, raw and personal stories that I felt like I had permission to be the perfectly imperfect human that I am." - Kristin T. 

"By always providing a sense of direction if I was curious about something, providing the space for deeper emotional understanding through asking questions, and sharing knowledge, Mo is a magnificent guide, facilitator, and teacher. "
-- Maia G

"I recently had a reading with Maureen and it could not have aligned more beautifully. It was everything that I needed in that moment. There was a feminine nurturance and gentle was that I felt throughout the entire process, that felt so allowing of me to just be me and receive. In that way, it was such a beautifully unique experience for me. I loved feeling Maureen’s deep connection to life and the earth. Thank you deeply Maureen"

Tay B

"The connections made between the collective, to Maureen as a reader, and my own personal experiences helped me feel less alone and more at peace. Maureen shares her magick in a way that leaves you feeling grounded and more rooted in your body, which when going through a turbulent time is huge."  Morgan S

"The traditional explanations of the tarot cards that were drawn and space to interpret how my spirit was translating them. bringing the two together was very insightful."

Whitney D

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