.:. prayer .:.

I vision for a re-matriated commons, full of beings in right-relationship to their bodies, the land, and each other. 

Who can speak non-verbally and listen to the movements of the seasons and stars. 

Who are friends with the birds and keep time by the rocks.

Who rest and dream.

Who create from the core of the creator.

I vision for a surplus of sharing, and a family of united and unique beings,

Who know their gifts and use them well.

Who grieve and love as deep as the molten core of the earth-body.

Who treat babies with reverence.

Who sit at the feet of the Elders in love.

I vision for this Earth. This is my seed and sprout.


To vision this Earth, I must embody this earth. And I affirm* — 

I am in right relationship with my body, the land and other beings. 

I speak non-verbally and listen to the moments of the seasons and stars. 

I am friends with the birds.
I keep time by the rocks.
I rest. 

I dream.

I create from the core of the creator. 

I know my gifts and I use them well. 

I grieve and love as deep as the molten core of the Earth body.

I treat babies with reverence.

And I sit at the feet of the Elders in Love.

I am embodied in this vision.

*This is not a statement of perfection, but a recognition of an emergent process.

For this vision to come into fruition, I must not be the only one. 

I am a servant to this vision - one that is not only mine, but the vision of many great leaders.

And so I am on a mission …

To remind other beings of their bodies, holding space for right relationship.

To offer spaces of soul-care.

To remind other beings how we can communicate, now to listen. 

To cultivate spaces of deep rest.

To inspire the re-discovery and embodied use of unique gifts. 

To hold space for deep love and deep grief.


As a servant to this vision, I am on a mission to re-awaken the deep-self, the one that knows everything, and everything is family.

The one that expresses the truth of the moment, in every moment. 

The one who speaks all tongues. 

The one who heals.

The one who is dark as the fertile soil, and bright as the sun.

This is for collective liberation.

.:. it is so .:. 

l o v e   n o t e

"Maureen is a naturally gifted mirror that validates, normalizes and helps you make sense of what you are projecting and reflects it back in words and through their essence in a way that can be more deeply integrated and digested in your body/being. They are a natural facilitator. So humble and gifted in holding sacred space for others in a way where I felt safe, heard and respected which gives off the vibe that we are all in this together as human equals and mirrors for one another rather than feeling like there are power imbalances or hierarchies. It was an authentic space where we all learned from one another. Just beautiful. Their genuine nature is so touching and inspiring. Their devotion to the group went above and beyond in their offerings of support through voxer and one on one calls. It speaks volumes that their heart and soul was so authentically committed and engaged with this space. I honor their vulnerability of sharing personal examples with us as well which honestly was so humbling for me, where some of the most profound “aha’s” landed for me, and much different than what I’m used to seeing in facilitators who either consciously or unconsciously project images of perfection which often creates inadvertent power imbalances within spaces. It was through hearing theirs and other group members real, raw and personal stories that I felt like I had permission to be the perfectly imperfect human that I am." - Kristin T. 

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